Monday, April 22, 2013

Loan Program Options For 2017

*** A potential record number of commercial mortgage loans were or are ballooning or coming due in 2018 and beyond. Our experienced team may help our clients pay off these loans with the best loan rates possible today. If you have existing loan approvals with other lenders, please let my group provide you with even better pricing and leverage options since we tend to use some of the most flexible underwriting guidelines today.

*** Referral Fees may be paid for quality, fundable deals (subject to licensing and state laws).

*** "EZ-Doc" Investor Loans (1st and 2nd loans available - Apartments (5+ units) and Commercial Properties).

*** Full Doc & Stated Income Loan Options
  • Low Fixed Rate Apartment loans (5 to 30 year amortizations).
  • Loans for Retail Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Mini Storage, Medical, Senior Housing, Gas Stations, Car Wash, Mixed Use, Vineyards / Wineries, Nurseries, Hotels & Motels (national chains or independent), Industrial, Residential Projects, & Mobile / RV Home Parks.
  • Construction Loans: Residential, Multi Family, and Commercial.
  • Bridge or Mezzanine Funds Available.
  • Cash Out Commercial Loans.
  • Equity/Joint Venture Funds Available – Refinance or Sale.
  • Non-Recourse Loans to LLCs & Corporations.
  • Land Loans.
*** Commercial Loan Workouts: We may help negotiate and pay off       existing “upside down” loans (debt exceeds value) due to lower rents and NOI, and balloon payoffs with much better new loan terms.

Please email Rick Tobin ( if you should have any questions or wish to receive a loan pricing quote and approval, or visit our website at for more details.


  1. A commercial mortgage is similar in principle to a residential mortgage except it is used to purchase a property or to raise capital for commercial purposes rather than domestic purposes. A good commercial mortgage helps us to build our dream project.

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